Another shout-out to fans in USA

Again, I’d like to thank all of my supporters and fans from the following towns and cities. 

Sacramento, Ocala, Gainesville, Providence, Eureka, Phoenix, Henderson, Provo, Piscataway, Columbus, Lombard, Kenmore, Willowbrook, Milwaukee,  Richmond, Sacramento, Harper Woods, Baltimore, Aurora, Elk Grove, Clarence Center, Houston, Kirksville, Las Cruces, Framinghand, Grand Forks, Mount Laurel, Reading, Prior Lake, Oklahoma City, Overland Park, Philadelphia, Winter Park, Westlake Village, Sunnyvale, Warner Robbins, Sana Clara. Elk Grove, Bethesda, Mount Laurel, Wilson, and Grand Forks.

As an author and composer, I truly appreciate your interest in my novels and songs, all of which are sold on Amazon and at other online sellers.


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