Song Bird

I’m not Mavis anymore.

For years, songbird Nikki Mills (aka Mavis Mills) dreamed of the freedom and lifestyle that came with being a platinum record artist. To get there, she put her career and son first and her love life on hold.

Now an international singing sensation, Nikki discovers her reality is very different from what she had imagined. Determined not to be caged by the fan and media circus, Nikki struggles to protect her son, their relationship and lifestyle. That struggle is complicated by her desire for a love life.

Christine Mari-Anne Knight was born in Paddington, Sydney. Her father, Ian, was a builder while her mother, Mary, worked in retail. Christine’s paternal and maternal families came from Kilcreggan Scotland and Mullumbimby NSW respectively. Christine lived with her parents and siblings in Cabramatta, Liverpool, and then later Kiama, NSW.

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Good Reading Magazine, February 2015


Foreword Clarion Reviews

Reviewer: Jill Allen

The poetic prose, replete with lush descriptions of Australian terrain, makes those readers who have never been to the country feel at home. This series definitely has the potential to go platinum.

Readers Favorite Reviews

Reviewer: Tina Gibbons

A thought provoking and entertaining read. Mavis/Nikki was a strong woman … I liked her very much. Her interactions with her son, ‘Dan the Man’ were sweet; he was one of my favorite characters.

Reviewer: KC Finn

I was extremely interested in the Australian setting for the novel. The beautiful and uniquely cultural descriptions of the country added extra flavour to the tale. Overall, ‘Song Bird’ was a pleasant and vivid read with an inspiring message and a very exciting ending.

Reviewer: Heather Osborne

I truly enjoyed ‘Song Bird’. A smooth, emotional, and beautiful read, ‘Song Bird’ is sure to touch the hearts of many who pick up this novel.

Reviewer: Cheryl E Rodriguez

I enjoyed all the nuggets of truth hidden within musical overtones. Christine Knight wrote a lyrical narrative that will keep the reader humming its tune, anxiously awaiting the next verse in the life of Nikki Mills.

San Francisco Book Review

Reviewer: Ross Rojek

Character-driven stories depend on good characters in challenging situations, and ‘Song Bird’ provides both. A memorable book for fans of music, Australia, and character-driven novels.


Song Bird

‘Song Bird’ is the third novel in the Keimera series and a sequel to ‘Life Song’, but the story stands independently and on its own merit. When read within the context of the series, the reader’s knowledge of the characters in that world is enriched. The reader grows with the characters over the course of the three novels.

To date, I have used a different central motif in each novel to organise the story. I use a motif to weave together the thematic complexities of characterisation and plot. The motif is the palette used to shape my characters and the world that they inhabit, to comment on characters, and to point to the story’s underlying meaning.

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