An International Video Advertisement for ‘In and Out of Step’

APRIL 2013

Recently returning to Sydney from his venture in New York City, Mathew Mizyed lands the role of artistic director for a worldwide video advertisement for ‘In and Out of Step’, a 4/5 star rating dance fuelled book by Australian author Christine M. Knight. The project, a dance representation of the novel’s plot, is currently under development.

Mathew’s work has stretched over the years working with Broadway now turned TV/MOVIE sensation Kristin Chenoweth in New York to Delta Goodrem in Sydney. He has appeared on the MTV Awards, the ARIA’S, and in many corporate performances for Commonwealth Bank to Canon. Mathew Mizyed was assistant choreographer for Aimee Elizabeth (iTunes single) at the Australian Institute of Sport Awards.

As the founder of Dancing Under The Influence – DUTI – Mathew’s career includes three stage productions and several choreographic pieces in New York. EIGHT, SOPHOMORE and KALEIDOSCOPE received acclaimed reviews and overwhelming audience response. Currently, Mathew is keeping up with the success of his company DUTI and working on projects as choreographer, artistic director, and pushing boundaries artistically to establish not only himself, but also Dancing Under The Influence as one of Australia’s leading dance & production companies.


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This dance video brilliantly captures, in condensed form, Cassie Sleight’s personal journey from a male-dominated world where men lead and the women follow to a world undergoing change, a place where Cassie finds the courage to belong and to come to terms with a significant trauma from her past.

Note for Readers

‘In and Out of Step’ is as much about the world that Cassie Sleight lived in and how the people in it shaped her as a person as it is about Cassie’s personal journey to belonging. The novel is about the ripple effect of life, about how what happens around us influences us as much as what happens to us.  The title refers to the way that Cassie, a championship dancer, interprets her world and reactions to it through dance.

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